And you can watch it!

So my last post was about how I did my show in Brighton, and how amazing that was. Well, the lovely people at Sweet (I mentioned them last time, didn’t I?) have recorded it and you can watch it on Sweetstream for a mere £6.

It was a small but perfectly formed audience (damn it, shoulda been the night before when it was sold out – you’d have been so much more impressed!) and it’s therefore the second time I’d ever done it, but I’m mighty proud of this little show.

It’s mine. And it’s my mum’s. And we came such a long way to get here. I will keep working on it and when you get to see it live, in 2021 or beyond, you can compare it to when I performed it right at the start. When I was raw with grief and roaring at being on stage after 7 months.

Watch the show here:

And see if you agree with the review here:

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Married, middle-aged & menopausal. Pauline is sandwiched between her kids & her elderly mum. When everything changes and nobody needs her any more, will there be any Pauline left? A blog from a comedian in the midst of a midlife crisis.

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