It’s been a while…

dyed me ‘air, din’ I?

Sorry about that. There’s just been so much OF NOTHING going on!

I popped into a supermarket this morning. First time in over a month. I was proper nervous, practically ran in, grabbed the carrots I’d forgotten to order in the online shop and ran out.

Security guard wasn’t impressed…arf!

I’ve had a dilemma for the past couple of weeks. There are opportunities for performing my show All Change online and I’ve been wary. It’s not the same as seeing an audience in person and smelling the laughter. And if you look at the ‘All Change 2020’ page of this site, you’ll see that I had a LOVELY tour planned, and the only dates that happened in the end were in October in Brighton. They were SO delightful, but can I really recreate that on Zoom?

I was chatting with my bereavement counsellor about it (best decision, she’s fab and who wouldn’t want the chance to try and make sense of the world once a week at a time like this?) and this lovely woman, who normally watches me rail and grieve and ugly-cry on screen got to see what I’m like when I talk about stand-up. It gave us both goosebumps.

And it made me realise how much I love comedy and how much I miss it. And I have this show, that I spent a 5 year apprenticeship preparing for, and I’m proud of it and I want to perform it. So, here goes.

The first confirmed date for All Change 2021 is Friday 30th April at Flushfest, the Menopause Festival run by those brilliant people at Menopause Cafe. And I won’t have to travel to Perth for it, which I’m trying to see as a positive (but it’s so PRETTY and the people are so LOVELY!)

Maybe you could join me? You don’t have to be menopausal to come – I think we’re ALL aware that menopause affects more than just the people who experience it firsthand! More info and tickets here

Published by yespaulineeyre

Married, middle-aged & menopausal. Pauline is sandwiched between her kids & her elderly mum. When everything changes and nobody needs her any more, will there be any Pauline left? A blog from a comedian in the midst of a midlife crisis.

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