All Change

When I chose the title of this show, I had no idea everything would, well, y’know, change.
What was supposed to be a 2020 tour turned into a 2021 here-and-there-and-online. Please oh please let’s hope 2022 will be the year this lovely show gets the outings it deserves!

All Change is my first solo show. I arranged to tour it around the UK in 2020, but, y’know. I performed it a bunch of times online in lockdown and am looking forward to bringing it back, rewritten and revamped.

And so, in from October 2021 and into 22, we start again…

Pauline is caring for her kids and her elderly mum. When everything changes and nobody needs her anymore, will there be any Pauline left? A debut hour from a comedian in the midst of a midlife crisis.

Sold-out run at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe, audiences said:
“Beautifully crafted stand-up comedy.”
“Really honest and funny.” “I laughed throughout & yet I my pelvic floor’s stronger than ever!”



March tbc Fife Libraries
August tbc Edinburgh Fringe


Mar 11th online
Apr 21st online
Apr 30th online (Flushfest)
Sept 19th Castle Pub, Surbiton
Oct 4th Manchester Women In Comedy Festival, (The Tribeca)
Oct 10th 3.30pm Glossop Fringe, The Oakwood
Oct 23rd 3.45pm Swansea Fringe Grand Hotel

These are the dates that happened in 2020

Feb 1st The Kitchen, Croxley
Feb 16th 7pm The Globe, Leicester
Feb 23rd 4pm Much Laughter Hub, Rochester
March 5th 7.30pm Alchemy 198, Bristol
March 10th 12 noon Southampton University Women’s Network
October 17th Sweet Werks, Brighton
October 18th Sweet Weeks, Brighton

These were planned, but didn’t happen.:

April 3rd 6pm Bath Brew House
April 6th 7.30 The Harrison, Kings Cross, London
April 17th 6pm Bath Brew House
May 3rd 1.30pm Castle Yard Tap Room, Coventry
May 16th & 17th 6.20 Sweet @ the Welly, Brighton
May 30th 7.30 Flushfest Perth
June 3rd 8pm The Brewery Tap, Sudbury
June 4th Rotherhithe, London
June 12th 7.30 Toast, Okehampton Ticket link coming soon
July 12th 3.30 The Oakwood, Glossop
July 17th 7.30 Norden Farm Centre for the Arts, Maidenhead
July 23rd 7.30 The Brewdog, Leicester
August 3rd & 4th 6.30 The Albany, Gt Portland St, London
August 7th-16th 3.15 Sweet Grassmarket, Edinburgh
August 30th 6.30 The Albany, Gt Portland St, London

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