Sweet, Sweet News!

I did a gig! I did one! I performed! I remembered how! I even remembered (most of) the jokes! And the audience was loooooooovely. Of course they were, it was Bath, one of the finest places to perform live comedy (apart from where YOU live, obviously, coz you’re my favourite) Turns out it is possibleContinue reading “Sweet, Sweet News!”

***STOP PRESS*** Chocolate Cake Update

I was quite depressed when I wrote last night’s blog. I was wr… damn, I struggle with this one. I was wr… come on, Pauline, you can do it… I was wrong. There. I said it. It is utterly delicious and took me straight back to childhood birthdays. In fact, it tasted of her love.Continue reading “***STOP PRESS*** Chocolate Cake Update”

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