Changing the Ending

Today was supposed to be my final preview of All Change. I would’ve performed it as part of the Camden Fringe, before heading up to the Edinburgh Festival later in the week. As things have turned out, it would have been terribly hard, performing my lovely show about my mum’s survival. I’ve agreed to doContinue reading “Changing the Ending”

Finding the ends

I’m doing better. Much better. It’s six weeks since my mum died and I’m through that first phase: the one where I wailed and howled and at one point yelled at my sister “I can’t bear it!” We found her perfume bottles. We smelled one – it smelt like 10 years ago when our mumContinue reading “Finding the ends”

Quack Quack…

I’ve been banging on about menopause onstage for about 4 years but there’s one person I haven’t really discussed it with: my GP. I went to see her today (she’s looooooovely! If yours isn’t, change to a different one!) It was weird, seeing the doctor for kind-of-not-much-of-anything-really. I’m used to saying to them “it’s likeContinue reading “Quack Quack…”

Welcome! Come on in! You look LOVELY!

Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s about being middle-aged, ‘n’ stuff. Not quite fitting in any more, because the world seems to be aimed at people younger than me. It’s not, it just feels that way. I’m the youngest of 4. The whole world was always older than me, everyone else knew what theyContinue reading “Welcome! Come on in! You look LOVELY!”

All Change!

I did something decisive! I’ve performed my solo comedy show twice now, under two different names. I think I’ve finally settled on a third. The show will be called ‘All Change!’ so it makes sense that the blog should be too. So…um… I guess it’s all change. I’m trying new things: my first hour longContinue reading “All Change!”

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